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How does Bytedog work?
Crawling though a series of other search engines, Bytedog compiles web site information from the world's largest online databases. After this "fetching" process is complete, Bytedog processes the collected information through its own algorithm, which ranks web site importance and filters inappropriate links.

Sites that are displayed as results from Bytedog are ranked according to its order from the source search engine and the web site's actual title, description and URL. Bytedog also considers the number of search engines that lists a particular site.

As well, Bytedog will automatically eliminate sites that are discussion forums, spam-generating or that contain insensitive material to minors, unless an entered search query is aimed to specifically look for this information.

How to make Bytedog work just for you?
Base on a user-friendly principle, Bytedog has developed Bytehound to allow users more flexibility and customization. Through Bytehound, users can set the criteria by which web sites are ranked in a search, in addition to defining how the output appears. For example, there is an option to group returned results by domain name, meaning that pages from one particular site can appear together in a set of results.

Does Bytedog offer Advanced Searches?
Bytedog supports Boolean phrases for the more advanced user. For example, to search for web sites belonging to both the University of Toronto and the University Waterloo, enter: (University of) AND (Waterloo OR Toronto).

Advanced searches may also be set for specific sites. For example, to look for "books for sale" at Amazon.com, enter: +"books for sale" -url:amazon.com

Searches may also be in question-form, otherwise know as natural language searches. For example, to look for more information on the book One Hundred Years of Solitude, enter: Where can I learn more about a book called One Hundred Years of Solitude?

Who do I contact for technical support and help questions?

All help and tech support inquiries regarding Bytedog should be addressed to help@bytedog.com

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