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Our Mission
Bytedog strives to empower the globally-connected online community in its search for useful information and electronic resources.

Our Service
Bytedog is the first of its kind: a stylish, revolutionary, all-round search engine that sniffs out the useful information you need. Engineered to meet the ever-changing needs of the electronic generation, Bytedog uses a meta-searching technique that fetches results from all the other search engines so you don't have to. Programmed in the language perl, Bytedog automatically filters bad links and inappropriate sites, thus providing relevant results. With Bytedog, you can access a worldwide library of useful information with every single search, each and every time.

Our Roots
When the founders of Bytedog think about why they started a search engine in the first place, one thing comes to mind: useful information. Spending countless hours online, they remember navigating through hundreds of sites, looking for information they could not find.

It wasn't until the fall of 1999 when John Perieteanu and Shaun Chen, two University of Waterloo computer engineering students, met each other as they shared a lab station in a first year programming course. As they began talking about the Internet, Perieteanu explained that he and his high school friend, Matthew Zukowski, had discussed the creation of a new web-based search engine.

A few months later, the soon-to-be co-founders and executive officers of Bytedog - Zukowski, Perieteanu and Chen - vented their frustrations on the lack of an effective web-searching site, realizing that although search engines existed, each returned varied results that were often useless or paid for by advertisers. Thus they combined their passion and knowledge to develop a single vision. Their goal, simple and clear: to create a new search engine that returns only useful information.

Their vision turned creation is now at the world's fingertips. Toronto-based Bytedog presently receives thousands of searches per day via its public site at www.bytedog.com.

Our Future
Bytedog is expanding its operations through the development of type-specific searches, such as for images or music files, in keeping with the Bytedog mission. Says Perieteanu: "We will soon be a presence on the Internet."

Since the foundation of Bytedog, several individuals have contributed to the creation of this web site. On behalf of Bytedog, we would like to thank everyone who provided us assistance in further advancing the production and the popularity of Bytedog. We acknowledge, in particular, Aaron Breunig, Eric Breunig and Jean-Marc Robin for their continual advertising support. Bytedog, as well, would like to thank its former team members, Hamdy Hamoudi and Mahar Mousa for their previous work.

Bytedog.com would like to welcome its newestest members, Michael Law, a University of Toronto computer science student and Riyaz Nakhooda, of the University of Waterloo. Law and Nakhooda agreed with the global mission Perieteanu, Zukowski and Chen are pursuing. Recognizing the need to get news of Bytedog into the public, Perieteanu and Zukowski hired Law and Nakhooda to work as Marketing Directors.

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